Install guide

Things to know about installing yara-ctypes.

PyPi install

Simply run the following:

pip install yara

If you do not have pip, you can click here to find the latest download package.

Unzip than install:

python install

Download and install the master

You can find the master copy of yara-ctypes on github.

Here is how to install from the master:

wget -O
cd mjdorma-yara-ctypes-XXX
python install

Missing a dll? Try installing MS VC++ 2010 redistributable package

The shipped dlls’ were built using Visual Studio 2010. If you do not have the appropriate runtime already installed you will get an error message pop up saying you are missing msvcr100.dll. Download and install the appropriate redistribution package for your platform:

Failing to import libyara

At this point you need to figure out if the shipped library file is compatible with your system/platform. You may need to build your own libyara library from scratch.

See Building libyara-1.6 for yara-ctypes for more information.